KC Party Ride, LLC will be providing a sober driver to escort you on your party adventure. It is your choice whether to allow drinking, but if alcoholic beverages are being consumed by members of your party we want to make sure you have a safe and sober way home. We want to stop people from drunk-driving and let everyone know there are safe alternatives. KC Party Ride, LLC is exactly that, and we are sure that you and your guests will have an awesome experience. To ensure that everyone will have a great time and a safe trip, we would like every guest to abide by our rules listed below.


  • All guests on the party bus must be 21 or older to drink alcoholic beverages. All ages are legally allowed to ride and KC Party Ride, LLC supplies NO alcohol, so by signing this you are releasing KC Party Ride, LLC from liability and placing it on the person who supplied the alcohol.

  • No drugs, violence, obscenity, or weapons of any kind will be tolerated. If any of these occur or are brought on board, you and your party will be immediately dropped off at your prearranged destination and will not be refunded for any portion of the fees. All damages will be charged to your card immediately. All receipts are available for the customers viewing upon request. These fees include all court costs, lawyer fees, towing, and any other damages.

  • Enter at your own risk. KC Party Ride, LLC will not be held responsible or liable if any guest gets injured, regardless of the cause. For instance, if the bus is in motion and all guests are not seated, or if you are under the influence of any substance. All injuries must be reported immediately to the driver at the time of injury.

  • Keep all personal items with you at all times. We are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

  • Please note that your party begins when the driver arrives for the initial pick-up and ends when the last person is dropped off. No exceptions! If the driver is late for any reason, the missed time will be made up at the end of the party.

  • Please note that our buses do not have air-conditioning. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  • If your party goes over the prearranged time you will be held responsible for the additional hours charged. Additional charges are to be paid in full before your party ends.

  • At no time will we allow anyone to throw trash out of the windows.

  • While the bus is in motion, one hand must be holding a rail if standing or dancing. This is for your safety.

  • If the music stops & the driver instructs everyone to be seated, please do so promptly!

  • Pictures and/or videos taken by KC Party Ride, LLC Staff may be used in advertising via flyers, TV, our website, etc. — without seeking further consent or permission.

  • If any of KC Party Ride, LLC property gets damaged or stolen by the guests at your party, you will be held liable for replacement costs, collection fees, attorney fees, court costs, etc. All damages will be charged to your card for the full replacement cost. The general manager will be contacting you to discuss the charges the following business day. If the item can be repaired, the difference that was charged will be refunded to your card.

  • If there are any bodily fluids dispersed on the bus, there will be an additional $125 fee for cleaning. This fee will be charged to your card unless paid to the driver.


We want our buses to continue to look great for our customers.



** The emergency exit is located in the back of the bus.

** All cancellations: If your party cancels or reschedules without a 7-day advanced notice, you will be responsible for the total amount of the original party balance, and it may be charged to your credit card. There will be NO refund of deposit.

**All parties will have to be paid in full before we leave for your first destination.



Note: You must agree to our rules and regulations when booking your party.